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PP Nonwoven Needlepunch Geotextiles

pp nonwoven geotextiles
We can manufacture PP Nonwoven Needlepunched Geotextiles on PP Staple Fiber Needle punched Technology.
  • State of Art Machines : Fehrer, Germany
  • Machine Width : 6 mtrs
  • GSM : From 100 gsm to 600 gsm
  • Colors : All Colors possible

  • Needle-punched non-woven Geotextiles are made from polypropylene fibres that are tangled together by a needle-punching process. The fibres may be made in continuous or short lengths (the short length fibres are called staple fibres) and achieve their strength by interlocking. Needle-punched non-woven Geotextiles have excellent water flow rates and are used for filtration of soil fines for drainage applications including trench drains, as a wrapping for perforated pipe, for erosion protection, and combined with three-dimensional structures to create prefabricated drains. They are also commonly used with geomembranes to provide a protective cushion. Needle-punched non-woven primary functions: filtration; separation; protection; drainage. Secondary functions: reinforcement.


  • PP Non Woven Geotextiles are designed in such a way to perform the following 4 criteria
  • Retention, Permeability, Clogging and Survivability
  • Retention : This is a very important criteria. It prevents excessive migration of soil
  • Permeability : Permeable enough so that liquids are allowed to flow without disturbing the flow rate
  • Clogging : Enough pore openings to help filteration even if a few pores are clogged
  • Survivability: Must show strength, chemical resistance, environmental resistance and maintain sustainability throughout the usage life

Geotextile Functions :

  • Separation function: Separation of two layers of soil with different soil physical properties, such as road gravel from soft sub-base materials.
  • Filteration function: Retaining fine particles when water passes from a fine-grained to a coarse grained layer, such as when water flows from a sandy soil into a Geotextile wrapped gravel drain.
  • Drainage function: To drain liquid or gas in the plane of the fabric which results in draining or venting of the soil, such as a gas vent layer in a landfill cap.
  • Reinforcement function: Improving the load bearing capacity of a soil structure, such as a high strength Geotextiles to reinforce a retaining wall.
  • Protection function: Mechanical protection of geomembranes against perforation and abrasion, such as a liner protective layer when only gravel fills are available.

Application Area

  • Road Construction, Air strips, Runways
  • Railway Track Construction
  • Pipeline Foundation and protection
  • Drainage and Lowering of Ground Water
  • Costal Protection
  • Pavement Overlays
  • Ponds and Canals
  • Roofing Systems
  • Waste Containment Systems

To Select or specify a appropriate product for the job, the required properties should be considered.

Geomembrane Protection Puncture, Burst, Mass Heavy Weight Nonwoven provide the highest level of puncture resistance
Separation Tensile, Elongation, Tear, AOS, Permittivity, Permeability Light to Medium Weight Materials
Filteration AOS, Permittivity, Mass, Tensile, Permeability Lightweight Geotextiles
Drainage Mass, Transmissivity, Permeability Light to Medium Weight. Heavy weight to be considered for Gas Collection systems
Reinforcement Grab, Elongation, Tear, Mass All types of Geotextiles will help improve the stability of unstable soil.
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